Get more data. Deeper insights.

Every day people and organizations ask for our opinion and feedback. There are so many surveys, polls and feedback forms. You won't make any real impact in your research results if you aren't heard above all these traditional surveys.

You’ll need a little something extra...

We believe having a conversation with participants provide more valuable feedback than just firing questions. That's why we created the Research Messenger. An innovative method to capture the right type of information through conversation design.

To make surveys personal, easy and refreshing, people become more involved and interested in answering your questions! Which results in a higher response, real involvement and more data and better feedback.

Want to see what Research Messenger can do?

The examples below are a showcase to inspire you what is possible. Click on the demo buttons to see it in action.
You can use Research Messenger to get feedback for pretty much everything from forms and polls to large market research studies.


In this brief demo, we show you a great star rating questiontype. Different then other surveys we make sure people understand the star value they answered before submitting their answer.


Research Messenger Bar Demo

Shopping experience

You probably have seen slider questiontypes. Most of the time they are just tiny and difficult to pick and slide. In this example we would like to show you that big sliders work much nicer.


Research Messenger Store Evaluation

Post event

Sometimes you need to ask a lot of statements, instead of using boring grid questions which are hard to select, we offer a nice carousel questiontype. You still ask evertyhing you want but it a pleasant and more efficient way.


Research Messenger Post Event

Chat style

This demo will take you through a few basic questiontypes. To answer the questions the answer option box is fixed at the bottom of the page. This will give you a more chat style like some messager apps.


Research Messenger Question Types


Mobile First

Ideal for smartphones but not limited for mobile. Research Messenger works on all devices without any hassle to let people install an App first.

Reach everyone, everywhere and always

You can reach everyone, everywhere by email, SMS, Pop-up screen, QR Code, Website intercepts, link or Panel integration. Whatsapp support is coming soon!

Interactive questions

We have different types of questions to capture the correct type of information.


Secure login to view results in real-time and download the data in Excel or PDF. Get notified and receive answers via email when someone has answered your questions. You can also choose to receive the results per survey in your mail.

How we work

We don't script surveys, we craft surveys with love & passion. That is our most valued secret.

All our projects are tailored made which makes each Research Messenger project unique. Almost everything is possible, both in terms of design and functionality. We help you setting up your questions and advising you the best layout and design. We can also run your fieldwork by sending out mail and/or SMS invites.

Let's have a real conversation and see how we can help you the best.
Contact us by chat, phone or email.


We are a digital creative surveyfriendly agency. We love to rethink how people can interact with your online research.
Our products & services are crafted with the utmost care to capture the right type of information. Focus is always on your research question and then design around it.

Happy we can do this creative surveyfriendly mission from Amsterdam the Netherlands for great clients all over the world!

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