Better feedback by beautiful conversations

Attract more responses and a higher response rate


Through the use of chat messengers and social media, we all communicate in a different style, much faster and shorter. But also when and where we want.

We believe having a conversation with participants provide more valuable feedback than just firing questions. That's why we created the Research Messenger. An innovative way for quick and easy feedback through conversation design.



With the Research Messenger we turn your survey into a beautiful chat conversation.

To make surveys personal, easy and refreshing, people become more involved and interested in answering your questions! Which results in a higher response, real involvement and more data and better feedback.



The examples below are a showcase to inspire you what is possible. Click on the images to see it in action. You can use Research Messenger to get feedback for pretty much everything from forms and polls to large market research studies.

Reach everyone everywhere!

Quick access without any hassle to install an App first.
There are no restrictions, people can decide which preferred device they use at any time.


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for only € 299

All our projects are tailored made which makes each Research Messenger project unique. We can help you setting up your questions and advising you the best layout and design. We can also run your fieldwork by sending out mail and/or SMS invites.

Therefore it makes it difficult to setup fixed prices. Feel free to request a proposal to receive an exact quote or just try Research Messenger with our special offer for only € 299. *

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Research Messenger is another product by SurveyFriendly , a digital creative surveydesign studio. We love to rethink how people can interact with your online research.

Our products & services are crafted with the utmost care to capture the right type of information. Focus is always on your research question and then design around it.

Happy we can do this creative surveyfriendly mission from Amsterdam the Netherlands for great clients all over the world!


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Sounds good right? Hope you like the Research Messenger as much as we do! We love to show you much more!